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ry, very impressive," Aschenbroich said."So that's the reason why we're increasing in different locations in C▓hina our R&D (

president of iFLYTEK,
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a Chinese company specializing in voice recognition, the opening-up and going global strate

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    research and development) footprint in order to really deal with the Chinese customers, Chinese universities and upgrade our compe

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    tency in China," he said.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow

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    us on WechatShanghai import expo t▓o promote Egypt's exports to China: Egyptian businessmanShanghai import expo to promote Eg

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    ypt's e▓xports to China: Egyptian businessmanShanghai import expo to promote Egypt's exports to China: Egypti

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    an businessman10-15-2018 09:46 BJTQAL▓IOUBIYA, Egypt, Oct. 14 (Xinhua) -- The upcoming import expo in China's

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    Shanghai city is a chance to increase Egyptian expor▓ts to the Chinese market, said Egyptian businessman Ashraf el-Adawi, head

technology, and ▓more big data is certainly conducive t

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with U.S ties such as the Massa ch▓usetts Insti tute of Technology, Li said."We hope to

come out and communica▓te with everyone, and find some good p

ties in China.Founded in 1985, Nile Establishment for International▓ Trade is a member of El-Adawi Co. for International Trade, a group that annually exports about 100 tons of citrus to several countries across the world. Half of them were exported by N

artners in each country to jointly develop these good techn▓ologies

ile Establishm▓ent alone."Nile Establishment began to export orange to China only two years a▓go. We started with two tons in the first year and 10 tons in the second," Adawi told X▓inhua, expecting his company to export 20 tons of orange to China next

," said Li.Research coop

eration is also highly valued b▓y Aschenbroich, who

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    Establishment chief, ▓who expressed admiration of China where he visited seven times, said that his company would

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    know more about Chinese companies and open channels for cooperation. He expected the upcoming Shanghai import e

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    thion rpose.In recent years, the Chinese-Egyptian ties have been elevated to the level of comprehensive strateg

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    ip which resulted from the strong support from the leaderships of both countries."Trade relations between Egypt

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    e growing so positively an▓d so fast, and the Chinese market is open to Egyptian products," Adawi said, stressi

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    hat the Egyptian citrus companies are able to meet the needs of the Chinese market.Egypt, famous for its product

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    of sweet juicy oranges, has become the third largest exporte▓r of citrus to China after South Africa and the Unit

se company has already been working with universities in

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tes.Adawi noted that his company had to increase its workers from 700 to 1,000 since it started orange exportation to China."The Chinese impor